Solid Ground: How I Built a 7-Figure Company at 22 with Zero Capital


This is a game of resiliency. Are you ready to transform your thinking around how to start a business and build a foundation made for multimillion-dollar success?



This down-to-earth, tell-all Founder story is a guide for all business owners looking to break into new levels and find stability in the rollercoaster journey of growing a company from the ground up. In Solid Ground: How I Built a 7-Figure Company with Zero Capital, Sevetri Wilson proves that this type of success doesn’t happen overnight. “It’s all about repeatable, consistent efforts for long periods of time,” she explains. “This is a game of resiliency. This is a game of building relationships and minimizing burning bridges. This is the game of building generational wealth and legacies.” The goal of this condensed book is simple: to teach you a number of secret hacks, from finding mentors and setting prices to landing high-caliber contracts and setting your mindset for steady growth. With Solid Ground handy, you’ll be encouraged and equipped to bring in the money you deserve all while using your platform to do some good in the world.