Wow!  On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to work with some of the most diverse and innovative minds in our state. Most of us are like candles; we burn so that others may have light.
Last week I had the chance to speak to three different groups and met even more brilliant minds. On Monday, I guest-lectured at my alma mater, LSU, to a graduate-level Strategic Communications class. In this very room, I could once again feel all the energy that a collegiate class brings; I could sense the hopes and dreams that I once felt when I stood in their shoes. I could once again feel the burning desire and eagerness to take on the world and show it what I had to offer; to be an asset to the media and communications world. From my current position, I knew that their journey was just beginning.
On Wednesday, I spent my time in Shreveport speaking with a fortune 200 companies’ sales and marketing team as they flew in from across the U.S. for their annual team conference. My workshop topic was: “Championing Diversity and Inclusion; Leading Innovation” and what it means to foster the continuous growth of a company that promotes and engages all three.  
Finally, on Thursday I kicked off part one in a marketing series of four, that our company, Solid Ground Innovations, is leading for the Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LSBDC) and Louisiana Economic Development (LED) to educate small businesses in South Louisiana on how to make marketing strategies work for them.
What appears to be three completely different groups, all share one common theme: the pursuit of knowledge.
Whether it’s life after graduate school, figuring out how you innovate in a crowded market or leading brand and marketing development efforts for small businesses, we are all searching for knowledge and the spark that will ultimately get us to our endless goals.
Yet, I was curious to know what motivated each of them and I want to pose the same question to you. What motivates you? Why do you seek knowledge? What keeps you up at night? Moreover, what makes you get up and do whatever it is you do over and over again, day after day? What drives you? I urge everyone to explore your “WHY.”
If you opened this email and if you have read this far, I would like you to do one more thing.
Take the time to watch the video I have embedded in this email, Beats Reloadeda short 3-minute video.  If it does not move you, I apologize for wasting your 3 minutes. Yet, if it does, share it with someone who is in need of inspiration or motivation. Share it with your teams, your kids, your friends, your mentors or mentees. Share it because it might be right on time for someone who is seeking a reminder of their “why.”
As always, thank you for allowing me to share with you the experiences that my platform has afforded me.  Until next time… Do well, be great.
– Sevetri